New Features – april 2024


Radiology tools
Goniometric measurement
Goniometric measurements are now available among radiology tools. This allows the user to measure the length of the femur, tibia, and angular deformities between them.
Digital pathology tools
Assigning a custom tag to a slide
To streamline the search for a whole slide in the “Search Exams panel” the user can assign a custom tag to it through the “tag image” option in the contextual menu.
The radiologist can view the assigned tag by moving the mouse cursor over the selected image preview.
Saving color correction parameters
ZEEROmed VIEW allows you to make temporary changes to the image. These changes can now be saved as a “preset” to apply to other anatomical pathology images automatically.
Ophthalmology tools
Channel selection
In ophthalmological examinations, via the button “channel selector”, you can isolate individual RGB channels or combinations of these channels in the colored images of the ocular fundus.


Search tools
“Search studies” filter
The “Search studies” button in the “Image management” panel features a dropdown menu to automatically filter the “Orders only” and the “Off worklist only”.
Having two independent search panels can facilitate order reconciliation, allowing the user to filter for “Orders only” in one panel and “Off worklist only” in the other.
Editing tools
Editing a study
The user can check some general patient information in the popup. From now on, details of the date and time of publication will also be available.
Via the “republish” icon, you can zero this value and republish the study.