O3 Enterprise becomes part of Zucchetti Group

O3 Enterprise, a company specialized in medical imaging and mammography screening software development, is thrilled to announce its entry into Zucchetti group, the Italian leading software house.

O3 Enterprise, founded in 2008 as a spin-off of the University of Trieste, aims to offer increasingly innovative solutions to the healthcare world. Specifically, it points at improving and speeding up the diagnostic workflow, providing its products in Cloud mode.

The company has more than 70 clients and 165 installations. Its software solutions have been chosen by relevant groups and health facilities throughout the Country. O3 has also a global presence, especially in Latin America, having important projects in Mexico and Barbados.
Moreover, O3 operates in the cancer prevention field. Several Italian regions and ASL use ZEEROmed solutions for mammography screening projects, also with the support of artificial intelligence algorithms.

“Becoming a part of Zucchetti Group is a great opportunity for O3 Enterprise.
First, this will allow us to consolidate our growth in a progressively competitive industry. Second, we will be able to look at opportunities abroad, leveraging the international network of the group.
We will also have the chance to increase the investment for the development of our ZEEROmed product, integrating it with the other components of Zucchetti Healthcare offer. By doing so, we want to fully respond to increasingly challenging market needs.” – Lorenzo Rizzatto, O3 Enterprise CEO.

Zucchetti Spa is the leading software house in Italy, with a turnover of approximately 1.3 billion euro. It has more than 8.000 employees and over 700.000 clients worldwide. 

Bringing the specific expertise of O3 into the Zucchetti world, in particular into Zucchetti Healthcare, has the primary purpose of building a complete and innovative software solution for Healthcare, able to meet the market needs.

Paolo Galfione, Zucchetti Healthcare director:
“The healthcare world requires a great specialization, also from the IT and technological solutions point of view.
For that reason, as Zucchetti, we are also integrating our offer through the acquisition of applications that are already consolidated in the market.
Among O3 Enterprise strengths, there is the possibility of providing software solutions in a Cloud mode, giving rise to teleradiology scenarios.
This way we can create a model of intelligent healthcare, where clinical data and information are “moving”, and not patients”.