O3 Enterprise in South Africa

A close partner
Last week our CTO, Andrea Poli, flew to South Africa to visit for the first time our partner Nexmed.


Nexmed Healthcare Solutions is a medtech company and will represent O3 Enterprise. They will bring the ZEEROmed Imaging solution to South Africa and to the whole Sub-Saharan area. 

Moreover, Nexmed is our first partner from the African continent.

This visit aimed at getting closer to our partner, to build a stronger relationship,
since w
e believe that trust and closeness are the basis of a true partnership.

We took advantage of this journey to learn more about the Radiology workflow in South Africa.

By doing so, we can better meet the needs of our partner, and therefore provide better products and services. 

I went to South Africa to visit the Red Cross Children Hospital, to understand the Country’s workflow and to best collaborate with our partner Nexmed. Besides, I took the opportunity to strengthen the partnership and the partner’s knowledge about our solutions.

I also had the time to visit the city and to steep myself in the south african culture, as well as enjoy the local natural beauty.

-Andrea Poli

We thank our partner Nexmed, in the person of Jonathan Burger, for the welcome. 

With their help we aspire to enter, not only the South African market, but the Sub-Saharan as well. 

This goal is achievable by connecting our Imaging solution with local RIS or EHR (Electronic Health Records) producers.

It is great to see our collaboration growing strong.

To more info about this partnership, just drop an email to info@o3enterprise.com or jonathan.burger@nexmedhealth.co.za

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