The new innovative technology
ZEEROmed & Kubernetes

“We are proud to be the first Cloud PACS RIS made in Italy based on Kubernetes available on the market.”

Lorenzo Rizzatto, O3 Enterprise CTO.

O3 Enterprise, always leaning towards innovative technology, has decided to adopt Kubernetes (K8s): a software for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

The introduction of Kubernetes, along with the new multi-tenant ZEEROmed architecture on Google Cloud, allows for greater efficiency and scalability in managing our client’s project.
It is a natural evolution of the architecture used until now, based on individual virtual machines (Compute Engine) and Cloud SQL.

For our clients, having an always updated, scalable and a “up” product is the great advantage.

Our first 5 clients that are going to use this new architecture are:

The applications that we use everyday -Gmail or Meet- rely on the same architecture.

With Kubernetes, we worked hard to make the best use of the components offered by Google Cloud. Therefore, we adopted Google Cloud SQL, a service to manage the DB that is handled, updated and maintained by Google.

Another major benefit of the new architecture is that activating new tenants is simple and quick.
Every client has a tenant that includes a database and a bucket that are separated from those of the other users.
In this way, data is segregated between different tenants. In addition, every client has a series of different URLs.

Besides the importance of the company’s internal innovation, the use of this new technology is especially useful offering a better solution to our clients.