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The first teleradiology project at Ulss4 - Veneto

San Donà, Portogruaro and Jesolo hospitals of the ULSS4 Health Authority, are involved in the first public project of Teleradiology with the involvement of our partner Medishare Telemedicine, that uses ZEEROmed technology.

Here you can find the translation of Medishare’s article:

Teleradiology started in San Donà, Jesolo and Portogruaro hospitals
At Ulss 4 a new  telemedicine border: reporting occurs in telemanagement,the first public-private project in Italy.

At Ulss4, in San Donà, Portogruaro and Jesolo hospitals, the first public project of Teleradiology has started with the involvement of a leading company in this field.

A part of the diagnostic exams of traditional Radiology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and computed Tomography, are now remotely reported. Specifically, the process concerns those exams performed without administering any contrast medium, in the three Radiology facilities of ULSS4.


I’ve immediately believed in this innovative project”.

 Explains the Commissioner dott. Carlo Bramezza.

The partnership with Medishare company allowed us to deal with the scarcity of doctors in the labour market. This allows us to maintain the productivity of our modalities at the highest level. We are very proud of being the first Health Authority in Italy to introduce remote management within the radiology department .
This is already an established practice in other european and extra european regions”.

Thanks to this partnership, the imaging diagnostic services of Ulss 4, were also able to knock down the waiting lists, manage specialistic exams as a team and increase the system efficiency. All these things allow us to manage a volume of planned activity, estimated at over 9000 annual performances.

A safe and reliable system.

It has been proved that investing in healthcare’s digitalization, represents a transversal and central element to support the development of medical assistance.

This works particularly for local healthcare, mitigating issues with an increased need for care in spite of lacking human resources as well as improving communication with citizens and patients.

Architecting a safe and reliable teleradiology system was the most critical and interesting challenge of this project”, the Radiology Director of ULSS4, doctor Giancarlo Addonisio says.

“We have established in advance the arrangements of collection and transmission of the clinical-anamnestic data of the patients. We have been able to specifically agree on protocols and procedures for performing outsourced radiological exams. In addition, we maintain in constant touch the radiologist in telemanagement with the TSRM on duty and the hospital radiologist. This ensures patient safety and increases the quality of the exams.”

Constant monitoring

I constantly monitor reports myself, and every three months an audit is performed between hospital radiologists and Medishare colleagues. This process is supported to maintain high and uniform the quality level of the report. Not least, particular attention is given to the privacy of the patients, creating a safe and reliable remote transmission system of the data”.

“We are proud to provide support to the National Healthcare System and, in particular, to a Local Health Authority. The customer wanted to pursue an innovative journey for our Country.”

says Medishare Telemedicine CEO, Stefano Fait.

We strongly hope that this can be another step in the direction towards cooperation between Public Administration and private companies. The main goal is to provide citizens with an efficient and qualified healthcare”.