Google Cloud is the future

and it is already here

Our ZEEROmed Imaging suite, that includes our PACS, our ZEEROmed Universal Viewer, our Patient Portal and our RIS, can be implemented on Google Cloud.

Three years ago O3 Enterprise became an official Google partner, this allows us to be accountable for the infrastructures of the clients that have the ZEEROmed solution on Cloud, bringing a lot of advantages.

Cloud is convenient when talking about budget, security, scalability and many other factors.

Cloud Native

First of all, having a Cloud Native product, allows you to adapt to any technology, enabling the improvement of the performances and a constant update of the application software, flanked to maximum scalability and flexibility in line with users’ needs.

The Cloud based PACS allows to scale the system vertically, increasing machine resources, and  horizontally, replicating the application and balancing replicas/reruns, so that you adapt to the growing needs of the client. 

This is possible thanks to Kubernetes, the system used by O3 Enterprise for the atomatization of the deployment, the scaling and the management of the applications in containers.
With Kubernetes, the updates are hot swapping: they don’t interrupt the service administration. If the Internet works slowly, our technology allows to keep part of the data that is physically saved by the user (PACS CACHE). 

This service automatically manages the redundancy, the back-up and the disaster recovery. Data is safe, from natural damages as well.

Dematerialization of the workflow
A Cloud solution as ours, enables the dematerialization of the workflow, making the diagnostic flow completely paperless. This brings a significant saving in IT infrastructures expense for the customer, thanks to the hosting of the applications and of remote data center exams.
In this case, if the Cloud solution is implemented along with our company, the management and the maintenance of the Google infrastructure is our responsibility.

Borderless Images
Cloud enables the distribution of images and reports overcoming physical barriers, reducing distances and speeding up the diagnostic process, providing the necessary to create a real teleradiology network.
By doing so, doctors are capable of having access to the medical records of the patients, even outside of their hospital network.
In addition, the collaboration between radiologists is facilitated.

Moving data on Cloud is possible to get rid of the procurement costs and the maintenance of the hardware.
For example, there’s no need to renew the servers if they are obsolescent or to pay all the licenses at the beginning of the contract thanks to the monthly billing pay-per-exam approach. With our Cloud solution, instead of buying licenses before using our software, it is possible to instantly begin to work paying monthly according to the number of exams carried out.
In addition, if you need more space or more computing power, Google Cloud provides it automatically without being in the condition of investing for an upgrade of the hardware, that is in the user’s structure. 

Besides having several technical advantages, Cloud brings environmental ones as well: lowering carbon emissions produced by on-site data centers, the amount of the energy that is used to make the systems work, will be reduced.

Our ZEEROmed Imaging Cloud solution can be implemented in the user’s private Cloud if necessary.

Find out more about our ZEEROmed Imaging solution on our website, or send us an email to schedule a meeting or a demo with us.