New Universal Viewer

Even more smart and more universal
The latest version of the ZEEROmed Universal Viewer has been recently released.

We decided to officially present it at 2021 SIRM (Società Italiana di Radiologia Medica ed Interventistica) event, that took place in Rimini from the 28th to the 30th of October. 

This wasn’t a random choice.

The convention dedicated to Radiology has been the ideal context to present our solution.  Moreover, it has been the first live event for us, since the pandemic started.

This new release is complemented by a message of a constant innovative drive and a constant evolution of our company and our products.

The improvements mainly concern 3 aspects:

  • New user-friendly interface: aimed at offering the user a better experience in viewing medical images;
  • New AI integrated support: creation of a study list that offers the possibility of viewing alerts of artificial intelligence and the prioritization of the cases;
  • Advanced second opinion: new modalities of process management of second opinions and cases’ sharing.

Furthermore, we would like to mention the features of our Universal Viewer that are already known:

  • HTML5 web-based zero footprint
  • Cloud Native
  • Multi-speciality comparison
  • Patient history
  • Advanced and customizable Hanging Protocols
  • Sharing working session in real time
  • Customizable Preset Window Levels

Our solution is ideal for interactive reading of very large exams and multi-specialty exam comparison, done in a seamless and quick way.
Our viewer is web-based and the solution can be implemented on Google Cloud, allowing exams’ viewing and the reporting anywhere and anytime, ensuring more security for data.

We aim to provide more help to doctors and technicians, because technology helps to optimize the workflow and, consequently, offers a better experience for the patient. 

Contact us at this email to ask for more information and more details on our solution.

We will be glad to talk with you!