Digital Pathology

The digital revolution in healthcare
The healthcare sector is undergoing an extraordinary transformation thanks to digitalization.
One of the fields most affected by this process is undoubtedly Digital Pathology.

The scanning, visualization, and digital processing of pathological anatomy slides are significantly changing the way pathologists examine tissue samples.
Increased speed, precision, and collaboration enable the optimization of the reporting process, with a substantial impact on timeliness and accuracy of diagnosis, also thanks to artificial intelligence.


The initiation of the digitization process in the field of pathology represents a crucial moment, but it is only the beginning of a journey that involves significant organizational, operational, and technological challenges. One of these challenges is undoubtedly the establishment of information standards, fundamental to ensure greater interoperability between systems.

While in radiology, the DICOM standard has defined an internationally recognized language for the management and display of images, in digital pathology scanners typically save slides in a proprietary format.
Managing a multi-format environment while ensuring consistent quality is a fundamental feature of a modern digital pathology solution. Furthermore, it is essential to establish flexible, scalable and efficient storage policies that are format-agnostic.

The current solutions, provided by the same manufacturers of the scanners, often employed in the initial phase of the digitization process, however, exhibit limitations in addressing the challenges just outlined. Therefore, there is a need for more advanced, versatile, and complete solutions.

ZEEROmed View digital pathology

With our solutions, we commit to supporting healthcare facilities throughout the digital transformation process.

Thanks to the technology we employ, ZEEROmed facilitates the storage and visualization of digital slides, both in DICOM and proprietary formats, regardless of the scanner or format.
ZEEROmed can seamlessly integrate with other applications, ensuring a complete and optimized workflow for laboratories and healthcare facilities.


Whenever a scanner acquires an image, it is deposited in a shared folder. With the ZEEROmed FEED component, we can monitor when a new file in a proprietary format is added to this folder.
Once identified, the FEED component queries the Laboratory Information System (LIS) to obtain the metadata and forward them, along with the image file, to ZEEROmed PACS.
This latter application archives the Whole Slide Image (WSI) file and metadata in DICOM format and notifies the LIS to indicate that the image has been successfully imported into the system.
As a final step, ZEEROmed VIEW can be opened directly on the selected digital slide from the LIS, enabling navigation and sharing of the slide.


By offering a single solution that supports various scanners and formats, ZEEROmed not only allows healthcare facilities and physicians to save time and costs but also brings further innovation to the field of digital pathology.


The zero footprint technology we employ, and the real-time sharing tool enable telepathology scenarios.
The ability to quickly access digital slides from different scanners and laboratories, anytime and anywhere, facilitates remote consultations and ongoing collaboration among healthcare professionals, optimizing medical resources.
This also brings benefits to the education and training of new pathologists, enabling active participation in real-time clinical case consultations and analysis.


Furthermore, ZEEROmed can ensure a secure and seamless integration with third-party LIS, providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution that covers the entire laboratory workflow.
Additionally, this solution is exceptionally well-suited for multi-site projects, thanks to its management of distributed archives across various facilities. This facilitates the transfer of digital slides from local short-term archives to a central long-term one, ensuring scalability for future expansion.

confronto digital pathology - mammografia

ZEEROmed VIEW is a universal viewer. The storage of multidisciplinary images and files is key to more accurate diagnosis. Physicians can review patient’s history with a 360-degree view of their clinical situation, thus having more information at their disposal.
Multi-specialty management allows the comparison of digital slides with a wide range of other types of images to the diagnosis.

Another tool that enhances the efficiency of digital slide analysis is artificial intelligence.
ZEEROmed solutions are already integrated with AI algorithms in the digital pathology field, providing the ability to visualize outcomes at a virtual tray level and display heat maps as image overlays.

The transition to Digital Healthcare is now a fact and is revolutionizing medical practice. With our ongoing commitment to innovation, we keep on striving to provide healthcare professionals with increasingly advanced diagnostic solutions.