Expanding the ZEEROmed technology

Join us at this great online event, the ECR 2021 with the theme “Embracing”, so meaningful nowadays.

O3 Enterprise will be among the exhibitors: the congress will last from the 3rd to the 7th of March, with an extension of the technical exhibition until the 10th of March.

Even with all the difficulties last year brought to us, O3 Enterprise managed to grow and now we are looking to expand geographically the offer of our PACS solution and we are currently looking for partners and distributors. During the event, we will present our ZEEROmed Universal Viewer and all its features. Our team will be fully dedicated and available for answering any question, presenting our products, and performing a demo: you can reserve a demonstration or a time to discuss a possible partnership by selecting one of the slots below.

All the people registered at ECR 2021 have free access to the technical exhibition.

If you don’t want to wait until ECR, send us a message right now at info@o3enteprise.com

See you soon! Online!

Please select the day and hour slot to reserve a demonstration