Imprese possibili

Sky Business Interview

On the 15th of September our CEO Andrea Poli was featured on Imprese Possibili, a show on Sky Television and he talked about our company.

Starting with O3 Enterprise history, Andrea tells how the company started as a spin off of the University in 2008 and then became independent launching the ZEEROmed brand in 2016, the acquisition of Medishare and the merger with Futurad.

The core business of the company is medical Imaging: the management and the distribution of medical images in Radiology, Cardiology, Anatomical pathology, Dermatology. Mammography Screening is an important field for us, where a lot of progress is being made in Italy.

Although our market is mainly Italian, O3 gave a boost towards foreign countries in the past years: more precisely in Argentina e Mexico, in the Middle East with an installation in Kuwait, in North Europe and Russia, and with a big installation, completed during the first moment of the Pandemic, in Barbados. You can find more information about it in this article.

Andrea says that from 2018 the company became a partner of Google Cloud, providing solutions with a pay per use model. Find out more about the advantages of our Cloud solution at this link.

The “typical client” of O3 Enterprise is a small and private clinic, even if we are expanding to private groups of clinics.
The company has a relationship with public institutions, especially Regions, regarding the mammography screening.

During the interview Andrea talks about a project launched during COVID-19 pandemic, an AI project applied to COVID-19.
It makes an automatic analysis of the images giving an alert when there are specific characteristics that can be conducted to a COVID diagnosis.

Finally, talking about future projects, the company will look toward algorithms of Artificial Intelligence, especially in the Imaging area.

You can find the full interview on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePoZSyS3C0g