Lorenzo Rizzatto is the new CEO

of O3 Enterprise

O3 Enterprise shares an important news: during the Shareholders meeting on 15.12.2021, the Board of Directors has been renewed. Andrea Poli has been appointed President of the BoD, supported by Stefano Fait as vice-chairman.
During its first meeting, the Board of Directors elected Lorenzo Rizzatto as new CEO of the company.
Lorenzo has a long experience in the field: for 13 years he has been Administrator of Futurad, a company specialized in the development of solutions for the management of mammographic screening and clinical senology. For 7 years he held the position of adviser of the Board of Directors of Medishare: provider of remote reporting’s services, before becoming President of the Board of Directors of O3 Enterprise from 2018 until today.


“In the last two years, during the pandemic, the technologies that we provide have become increasingly important for improving and speeding up the diagnostic process. In the last year we were able to strengthen our internal organization and our products. 

We have grown considerably during 2021 in terms of turnover, profitability and customer base.

We look forward to the future with great confidence, aware of the added value that we can give to our clients, in our Country and Abroad.” – Lorenzo Rizzatto