O3 Enterprise and GrInn Lab – LUISS University

Digital Innovation in Healthcare

On Saturday 12th March our Sales Manager, Stefano Fait, gave a speech in a workshop organized by GrInn Lab, a laboratory of experimentation at LUISS University in Rome, addressed to bachelor degree students.
O3 Enterprise has been invited to participate as an innovative company in the sanitary industry, in order to make a contribution to stimulate students’ creativity.

The Lab aims to support the development of new hybrid solutions that can give an answer to the cities problems through environmental sustainability and innovation. 

This workshop, entitled “Digital innovation in the healthcare sector”, is part of a series of meetings, aimed at reconsidering – in a digital perspective – the services offered by a hospital, to ensure the patient’s constant monitoring and to improve data exchange in the health field.
2022 edition is: Towards a hospital without hospital.

Besides our company, participated:

  • professor Tania Di Mascio, docent of digital transformation at Luiss in Law, Digital Innovation and Sustainability Master Degree
  • Dr. Diana Gabriella Bruno, director of Information System of Policlinico Umberto I in Rome
  • ENEL X, company of ENEL Group, that presented its telemedicine platform. 

Our goal is to accelerate and improve the diagnostic process through innovative technologies.
We are very honored and proud to have been chosen to talk about our project during this amazing initiative.

“It was a great pleasure to participate to this initiative and to bring our contribution and our daily experience during this moment of formation and discussion, between current and future professionals of the sector. The discussion, with the other speakers, about the current issues of healthcare digitization and future challenges and perspectives, was very useful.” – Stefano Fait


You can find more information about the project at this link.