O3 Enterprise becomes a founding member of ITS A. Volta

New professionals in the medical field

During the shareholders’ meeting on April the 20th, O3 Enterprise was welcomed as a founding member of the “Fondazione Istituto Tecnico Superiore (ITS) per Nuove Tecnologie della Vita A. Volta.”

logo ITS

The foundation was established in Trieste in 2014, counting today around 30 associates.

There were two main goals: to meet the training needs of the territory, especially in the biomedical field, and to promote the dissemination of the technical-scientific culture.

ITS A. Volta organizes 3 courses aimed at training experts technicians in: 

  • management and maintenance of biomedical equipment;
  • development and management of biomedical information technology solutions;
  • development and management of telecommunications networks and IoT devices (Internet of Things)

Our company has always supported this initiative, providing teachers for the technical course of biomedical informatics, but also offering the opportunity to carry out internships at our offices.

In several cases, once the internship was completed, students were offered the opportunity to join our team as employees.

We are very happy to support this innovative project and to support the training of professionals in the New Technologies’ field.